California Crisis

Deficit: 38 billion dollars

What's happening in California?

some facts
California's economy = French economy (maybe..)
42states' total budgets = California Deficit
Texas, the second most deficit states, about 3 billion dollars deficit

Energy Crisis (Enron's failure)
Recession (Decrease in revenues from Silicon valley)
Tax cut
Increasing in the California budget
California Governor Gray Davis couldn't take care of above issues

Up: Utilities(esp Electricity bill, over twice as much as before)
Up: College tuition (UC $20,000 for international students)
Up: the rate of Unemployment (less job available)
Down: the number of public schools (budget cut then amalgamation)
and a lot more ...

Will California Governor Gray Davis Recall on this fall ?
and will Arnold Schwarzenegger take his place ?
if terminator become the Governor of CA, what he can do for California ?

i want to leave CA and go somewhere else if possible~~

Refer to Business week, Weekly news, LA times, and me